Why Use a Franchise Adviser?

To Make Sure You Are Getting The Best Deal!

An Experienced Franchise Adviser (EFA) is working in the Franchise world full time and knows how to analyze your experience, goals, desires, weaknesses, finances, and strengths in order to recommend the best suggestions of Franchises for you. An EFA is always on the hunt for the best Franchise Opportunities that will be best suited for you.

You Pay The Franchise Adviser... Absolutely Nothing!

An EFA is paid by the Franchiser if a Franchise deal is closed. The Franchiser does NOT charge any additional fees if you utilize an EFA. In fact, many Franchisers prefer to work with EFA’s because they know the candidate has been educated on their opportunity and they have been pre-qualified financially by the EFA. Many Franchisers also appreciate the involvement of an expert working with the candidate through the whole process.

They Know The Market

Buying a Franchise is much like buying your first house. There are many unknown factors that you either must learn on your own, or you can use the resources of an EFA (Like a Realtor in searching for the right house for you).

To Understand The Terminology & Process of Buying A Franchise!

Most Franchisers have a certain protocol that they require to be followed. An EFA knows the protocol of the Franchisers that they will present to you. An EFA also knows the terminology of the industry and can help you understand it step by step.

They Protect You & Know The Right Questions To Ask!

After the initial consultations with the EFA, the next step is to consider the Franchise recommendations that they present to you. They can offer you a series of questions that you can consider asking the Franchiser. When you have an EFA, and you inform them you are not interested in a Franchise and would like to look elsewhere, then the EFA will inform the Franchiser and you will not be contacted by the Franchiser again.

They Know The Warning Signs of Certain Franchises!

Just as in every business and industry, there are both good and bad Franchises. Because EFA's work with these franchisors on a daily basis, they learn what is happening with the company now, not last year.

It's A Small World!

EFA's have a network of other qualified Consultants that they talk with often. This helps to keep up with what Franchisers are on the move, what Franchisers are not moving, what Franchisers are in trouble, and what changes a Franchiser might have implemented to improve their operations.

It's Not About The Referral Fee!

The professional EFA does not work for the referral fee, they work for the referral. And the best way to do that is to always be there for the candidate in all their needs. The EFA will also bring many other services to you such as suggestions on vendors, lenders, professional help and more.

To Be A Franchisee Or Not To Be A Franchisee???

There are alternatives to buying a Franchise if you like doing things your way and do not like the structure and rigid protocol of a Franchise. There are good systems available outside the Franchise Arena which are generally referred to as "Biz-Ops" or "Affiliate Programs". An EFA can recognize this and will also have these in the inventory and can recommend some excellent suggestions.

Franchise Facts & Closing Remarks!

Franchising has the best success ratio of business. According to the IFA, a new Franchise is sold every 8 minutes. Over 85% of Franchises started five years ago are still in operation. The system has already been proven and it is all spelled out in great detail in the FDD, the training, and the ongoing support that you should get from a competent Franchiser.